Myths About Russian Women To Be Debunked

If you ever have been looking for love abroad, you must have considered Russia as an option. However, it is most likely that after a few articles read online with a large number of russian women stereotypes, you will not be able to consider these women seriously. In reality, though, there are no bears walking down the streets in Russia just as no women drinking vodka 24/7. These prejudices do not make any sense at all just as some of the russian girl stereotypes.

Breaking Down Five False Stereotypes

To begin with, let us shortly discuss how a stereotypical russian girl looks like. Before we do this, it is important to mention that there two basic images of stereotypical russian woman spread all over the Internet. First one is a hopelessly domesticated girl with a long braid and sad eyes, while the second one is a gold digger with high heels and big dreams. Any of these shall be taken as face value and have to be questioned beforehand.

So, here is our list of the most common russian woman stereotype which are actually false and have no value at all:

  • overdressing: many believe that russian girls always dress up like American superstars do. This does not mean wearing super stylish or gorgeous but rather looking in their daily lives like Hollywood stars do on red carpets which is in very essence inappropriate. However, in reality, girls from this country do know what fashion is and how to follow it. They are no longer those girls on high heels and in mini skirts and rather resemble stylish hipsters;
  • gold diggers: some consider women of these origin to be looking in a man for nothing but money. Expensive presents, luxurious cars and apartments overlooking Miami beach is not everything Russian girls want in a man. To be more precise, it is not even a criteria for them. Modern girls are looking for guys with high aspirations and potential to realise this, rather than sons of rich fathers;
  • racist: to the rest of the world it seems that people living in a post-soviet country are extremely intolerant and racist. The misconception is actually the hardest to debunk as some people do support racist ides. However, such people are everywhere as there are always exceptions to the rules. Reality though has nothing to do with the russian women stereotype as these women share the world’s views on tolerance and acceptance no less;
  • dumb: with only few highly ranked universities in this country, these girls are nothing but dumb. They perfectly know what they want and also know the means of achieving it;
  • submissive: silently agreeing to the husband’s words and doing anything husband wishes them to do has nothing to do with the real behaviour of these women. Not to mention that they are in many cases the real dominants in the relationships.

All in all, russian women stereotypes often mislead our judgments towards these people and make our decisions towards them largely biased. In order to develop one’s personal and objective opinion, it is worth avoiding these major misconceptions and base one’s judgements on personal experiences and observations.

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